Ads #1
Posted on 10:43 am 09/01/2016
Good Morning. I put an ad and the website today said it will put break frame I do not know what that means. I wonder if this is against the terms of the site. if I respond as soon as possible for me to withdraw the ad.
Re: Ads #2
Posted on 4:18 pm 09/01/2016
Hello evandrozen,
Yes, ads that break frames are against the terms of the site. It's mentioned in the site's TOS, advertising terms #4 "Your website must not contain any frame breakers". These ads usually get rejected by most admins. These ads "break" the timer bar taking all over the screen and so the user who clicked will not be able to choose the "matching icons" and therefore will not get credited.
I didn't see any rejected ad that you posted today. I can check it for you, just send the link for the ad to my email.
Re: Ads #3
Posted on 4:21 pm 09/01/2016
Okay. I'll send by email. Its pause the ad to be shown? I wanted to do this to clarify esa situation.
Re: Ads #4
Posted on 4:58 pm 09/01/2016
Your ad stopped because it's out of credits. You used the 50 link credits that you got when you registered at ClixHome. And yes it does break frames but this isn't the reason that the ad stopped here at ClixHome. Check my reply to your email for more details.

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