All updates have been applied #1
Posted on 9:10 am 04/22/2017
Dear Members,
All updates have been applied. Many thanks for the efforts of the Coderz.
I apologize for the downtime and the problem with PTC ads. We moved to a new hosting as well and now all our members will be able to receive system and admin emails.In the visual side we have only minor changes but we added many new features.

Among others; new offerwals have been added:
Minute Staff
Offer Toro

Purchase Balance is added as option at checkout in the store. Now you can buy advertisement with your purchasing balance. At checkout you can also add purchase balance if you do not have already. Discount on purchase balance purchases is 15%

Perfect Money is added as payment processor for withdrawals.

Surf rewards added to give the members prizes when surfing in the click exchange. Prizes are given at random; we have account cash and purchasing balance prizes. Points are given too. Also there are prizes in featured ads and featured banners.

As for the changes and add-ons we are working on to be coming soon:
BTC will be added soon as purchase option. Later BTC will be used as payment processor too. Referral system will get improved and both upgraded and standard members will be able to earn more from their referrals clicks!

Hope all will enjoy the new features! If you have any problem or notice that something is not working as it should email me at
Last edited by admin on 10:05 pm 04/22/2017

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