minimum payout #1
Posted on 4:22 am 03/16/2017
Respected sir, I want to suggestion for our community that, (1) admin sir you provide all members the minimum payout is $1.15 but sir I want to suggst that lower the minimum payout value to $0.5 or if possible payout or cashout to $0.1 or $0.2 . In this way, so many new members are attracted towards our community to join and work and earn their handsome reward in dollar. (2) sir I want to that you give us atleast 100 ads perday and give chance earn upto $1 perday every single user. (here no need of any direct referral or rent referral system) by means any member can earn upto $1 perday . (for this system perday $1 here minimum cashout is $10) (3) sir please increase the referral commission rate upto atleast 40%. So by this way, more and more members are joined and work and earn. because so many members around the world eg. in our country . so many guys looking for part-time job. so in this way eg. if $1 perday earning. so monthly $30 earning. so why anyone miss or dropped this opportunity. so please sir think about it. thanks for such a lovely site.
Re: minimum payout #2
Posted on 3:27 pm 03/16/2017
Dear Member, thank you for the ideas that you share with our community.
We are a new website less than a year old; we are online since July 2016.
In this short time we got a lot of members from countries all over the world.
Many of them are clicking daily and we are grateful for their efforts and time.
As soon as the website reach a good number of members and has more advertisers; we will offer more profits to all our members.
We choose to set the Cashout to $1.15 because of the fees of the payments processors like PayPal and Payza.
In the near future, we will implement new strategies and upgrades to attract more advertisers and members.
Among others, a significant change in the script with the updated version that the coders still working on.
Also we will offer more opportunities for making money with more advertisements and offer walls.
We will increase the referral commission percent for both free and paying members.

Support Staff Member
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Re: minimum payout #3
Posted on 11:06 am 07/25/2017
Reply by staff member cobud, thank you for the ideas you share with us!
Last edited by admin on 3:40 pm 07/27/2017

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